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The present Web Site places, in keeping with the legislation, certain small data files generally known as ‘cookies’ in your equipment. Their purpose is to ensure full operability of the Web Site and comfort for the users, for statistical purposes, and for setting up of information and advertisements to reflect your interests, for example, according to the content of the web sites you have visited.

Cookies shall remember your actions and settings that you have made on these web pages, so that you need not re-enter such information again and again. Cookies are not dangerous, they do not serve the collection of any sensitive personal data; however, they are important for the protection of privacy. We do not apply cookies in order to identify the users of our Web Site or to abuse any logging information.

Technical cookies

The Web Site makes use of the following cookies for identification of individual users and for shopping at the e-shop.







Technical cookie containing a unique cart identifier.



It provides information of whether cookie support is enabled.



Technical cookie for identification and securing of a partner section.


Furthermore, cookies from (CDN), (CDN), (CDN), (CDN jquery) are used.


Third Party Cookies

We also make use of cookies belonging to certain third parties (e.g., Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube). Those cookies are controlled by such third parties, they may make use of their own cookies and active components, so that we have no access either to reading and writing of such data, and we cannot influence any processing of such personal data by those service providers. For information about exercitation of cookies and about what treatment has been applied in respect of your data, and about your rights and settings, please, refer to the web pages of the relevant providers:

  • Information about your uses of our Web Site is shared within the framework of services named Google Analytics provided by Google Inc. For more information, please refer to:
    and for the services of Google Maps:

  • Our Web Site contains cookies belonging to certain social media that display on the present Web Site our latest contributions from the relevant social networks. Some cookies allow users logged to their accounts in the relevant social networks to share content via such services. We use social plug-in modules belonging to the social networks Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest for this purpose. As long as you log to your account in the relevant social network, the social network provider may link your visit to that account. If you mind that such social network operators may collect your data via our pages, you are required to log out from your accounts in such social networks prior to visiting our pages.

We make use of social plug-in modules belonging to the following social networks:

  •, operated by Facebook, Inc. (“Facebook”). For more information, please, see the representation of Facebook on data protection:

  • Twitter, operated by Twitter Inc., (“Twitter”). For more information, please, see the representation of Twitter on data protection:

  • Pinterest, operated by Pinterest Europe Ltd. For more information on data protection, please, see:, and on cookies:

  • We also make use of the YouTube video platform operated by YouTube LLC, 901 Cherry Ave. San Bruno, CA 94066 USA. YouTube is a platform that allows for replaying audio and video files. If any of our web pages contain an integrated YouTube player, a link will be created with YouTube allowing for the transfer of videos. As soon as such link to YouTube has been established, data will be transferred to YouTube. For more information, please, see the representation of YouTube on data protection:

  • Cookies have also been used for advertising purposes, namely, in order to select advertisements relevant for you (remarketing). Such remarketing data has been used exclusively in order to provide for segmentation of visitors for the purposes of deliveries of more relevant personalised advertising. Such segments are created on the basis of several general patterns of behaviour on web and the content of the pages visited. Such segmentation may also include collection of general information about the approximate geographical location of your computer or mobile equipment. Those data are collected for the purposes of providing personalised content relevant for your geographical location. For more information about the applicable rules, please, see the pages belonging to the advertising systems operated by:
    - Google:

- You can opt out of Google's use of cookies by visiting Google's Ads Settings. Alternatively, you can to opt out of a third-party vendor's use of cookies by visiting the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page.


Consent with Storing of Cookies

Most browsers would automatically accept cookies, unless such browser has been set up otherwise. By visiting the present Web Site, you consent with the storing of cookies.

You are free to prevent such collection of data by refusing to use cookies. Available for you are on-line instruments that can be applied in order to control cookies and similar technologies, including an option of setting up your browser so that it would block cookies and remove them. For information about such setting of specific browsers, please, see the following addresses:

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