The 2017 new Export Catalog has been christened

The new export catalog for 2017 calendars and daily organizers has been christened.

Another year has gone by…and our editorial team has christened a new catalog with European collection for the year of 2017!

Take a pre-view of the calendars and daily organizers which can be your companions in 2017, or take a guess from which calendar we borrowed the picture featured on the front page of our catalog.

Křest nového exportního katalogu kalendářů a diářů 2017

Comparing the new front page with the christening of our calendar in 2016 – the new picture gets more beautiful each year and our colleague too!

Křest nového exportního katalogu kalendářů a diářů 2016

The catalogue is currently available in pdf format:


The new export catalog can be viewed in a pdf format at:

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