Publishing house HELMA changes the company image

Publishing house HELMA changes the company image

The greatest Czech calendar products maker Publishing House HELMA, s.r.o. that is proud to print more than 6 millions products annually and that is active in 14 European markets, enters the coming season with new company image.

New name of the company is - Helma 365

The name itself both follows the tradition of the printing corporation HELMA and the orientation towards the products with calendars. New, red and brown logo incorporates, besides the name also the icon with the wall calendar and mixture of everyday life symbols.

The slogan with the words „Reliance. Inspiration. Every day." communicates the core functions of all the products with calendar and expresses the positive message of the brand. The new company style was designed by Horava Associates agency.

The main reason for the company rebranding is the adoption of new company mission determined by three words: Europe, trends, services.

Helma 365 has a lot of ambitions for the future namely to hold the top position in the branch, innovate and create and thus participate in the segment development and last but not the least is the effort to improve the services and become ideal partner for the clients.

Petr Hovorka
Partner and Executive Head

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