Wall calendars 2019

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The exclusive edition collection is not an ordinary calendar. It is art.


Wall Calendars 2019

The high quality and aesthetic design of our wall calendars makes them an accessory that adds a new dimension to every room for the entire year. The collection encompasses a wide range of subjects – from famous artists and the magical corners of our world to the beauty of a woman’s body.

Wall Calendars as marketing gifts

Wall calendars are very popular among the selection of marketing gifts mainly due to its variability and possible individualization of services. Let yourself inspire by various binding options, formats and packaging of wall calendars.
We recommend new titles for your marketing wall calendars which reflect world-wide trends and latest technologies.
Attention of your clients will certainly be caught by wall calendars from the Exclusive Edition.

Wall Calendars Helma

Our range of wall calendars will satisfy both general, mass demand and customers seeking higher aesthetic standards or other types of added value. To make your choice easier, we mark such wall calendars with special symbols: wall calendars - Exclusive Edition, 30 x 30 wall calendars.

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