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Helma 365 is the biggest Czech calendar producer with the tradition of the printing corporation HELMA and the orientation towards the products with calendars. We are proud to print more than 6 millions products annually, our products are sold in more than 20 European countries. Our aim is to bring a quality and innovation, our know how and experiance make us unique and different.


Our team


Filip Ulík
Managing Director

Karel Klepš
Business Manager
+420 602 680 723

Dana Hájková
Business Manager
+420 602 414 052

David Babka
Export Manager
+420 735 171 830

Lucie Gawlasová
Head of Production
+420 266 610 469

Julia Janišová
Head of Back Office
+420 725 849 538

Šárka Moravcová
Back Office Export
+420 727 901 169

Zuzana Mariková

Back Office Assistant
+420 725 849 538

Petra Pačesová
Chief Editor
+420 266 610 453

Evženie Strasserová
+420 266 610 453

Julie Skaláková
Financial Accountant
+420 725 079 776








Corporate Responsibility

To us, corporate responsibility is more than just the commitment to comply with the laws and to be a fair market player, it is also the commitment to behave responsibly towards the environment and to contribute to the development of the community in which we operate. Our company is engaged mainly in the social area. Our efforts are targeted at helping the ones who really need help. As part of corporate philanthropy, we transfer a part of the funds obtained from the sale of calendars to the accounts of non-profit organisations.


Helma 365 brings its contribution to responsible forestry and sustainable development by producing all of the wall calendars with FSC certificate. By using printing colours on basis of natural oil, we further manage to decrease negative impacts on the environment.




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